oday, 1 out of every 15 Black men in the United States is incarcerated.

The film For Our Sons takes as its subject the plight of newly born young Black men in America. The story centers on the horrendous statistic that in the US, 1 out of every 3, mostly fatherless male Black children born in this decade will end up in prison. This film seeks to stem that flow...

For Our Sons

Toward the end of his life, tennis legend and activist Arthur Ashe sat down and wrote a letter to his young daughter to be read and re-read for inspiration and comforted as she got older and he wasn't around. The letter was, and is, a timeless "literary broadcast" of life lessons and love for a soon to be fatherless child. The genesis of the documentary For Our Sons is in that same vein. It is a "cinematic broadcast" of life lessons and love for the many fatherless black boys in the US who are in danger of becoming a statistic.

The innovative film consists of 19 powerful and important interviews with 19 powerful and "important" Black men from different walks of life, men who have "been through the fire" of growing up Black and male in the oftentimes hostile environment of the inner city, but through strength and perseverance built for themselves their own versions of the American dream.

The film employs insightful interviews, contemporary images and archival footage, the biographical life lessons of men to create a moving and engaging narrative of what it means to go from Black boyhood to black manhood in America today.

Hip hop vernacular often describes life as a young black man in America as warlike. The Documentary For Our Sons is an illustration of a powerful distillation of life lessons from the POV of the veterans of this social war who have been there. Our documentary is a cinematic helping hand for the Black sons about to enter the war zone from the veteran Black sons who have been there and triumphed over society's ills on these battlefields of poverty and crime.

						Thabitti Boone- Activist, Author, Former HS Basketball Star, Minister  
						Fred Carrington- Youth Counselor 
						Dominic Carter- News Reporter, NY1 News, NYC 
						Michael Eric Dyson- Professor, Author, Public Speaker 
						Trey Ellis- Author, Writer, Professor ( Columbia University ) 
						Reverend Wendell Foster- ( Christ Church ) First Black elected official in Bronx County  
						James Hughes- Real Estate Sales 
						Jeff Johnson- Activist, Minister, TV Host 
						Omar Johnson- Entrepreneur, Author 
						Randy Kearse- Author (with prior prison record- educator) 
						John McKay- Retired Construction Worker 
						Dr. Ronald Mincy- Professor (Columbia University ), editor of Black Males Left Behind 
						Min. Abdul Hafeez Muhammad (Formerly Min. Kevin Muhammad- Nation of Islam- Mosque #7 
						Brian Nichols- Commercial Real Estate 
						Kevin Powell- Author, Activist  
						Anthony Ricco- Defense Attorney 
						Ron Simon- Dept. of Juvenile Justice  
						Freedom Williams- Former Rap Star (C&C Music Factory), Artist manager, Entrepreneur 
						Pastor Johnny Ray Youngblood- St. Paul Baptist Church


The 86 minute DVD is $9.95! plus shipping & handling. Please share this film with Parents, Teachers, Counselors, Schools, and Universities aroud the Country. Share this film with Ex-Offenders, Social Service Providers, Civic and Religious Organizations. Most importantly, share it with our Young People!

Every African American Family who has a young Black male (or female) in their lives needs to have this must see documentary, "For Our Sons" in their hands.